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Our Mission


Doctor Diesel is a website dedicated to all things diesel.  Our fascination with diesel stems from the inherent economy of using petroleum diesel and biodiesel as energy sources.  Diesel combines very high energy and relatively low cost and thus, is a leader in energy values.  Our mission is to educate, use, and market state-of-the-art diesel products.




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Equipment Leasing


Any of our equipment can be leased very easily online.  Click here for details.




Regular diesel is a petroleum based product made from the world's dwindling supply of crude oil.  On the other hand, biodiesel is made from a renewable resource, i.e., vegetable oil, and that oil can even be waste oil from restaurants.  "From the fryer to the fuel tank" is a reality.  Most restaurants pay to have their used cooking oil hauled away and thus, many will give it to you for free.  For less than a dollar a gallon, you can turn this waste oil into biodiesel which will happily run in all diesel engines and some diesel furnaces.  If you want to heat water and/or your home with biodiesel, please contact us for advice. 


No engine modifications are needed and biodiesel can be used straight or mixed in any ratio with petroleum diesel.  Engines actually run better and last longer with biodiesel.  Not only that, air polluting exhaust emissions are only 20% of petroleum diesel emissions. 


Biodiesel is renewable, good for the planet, good for your engine, and good for the environment; plus homemade biodiesel is a lot cheaper than petroleum diesel.  This is a win-win if there ever was one. 


If you would like to know more about biodiesel, you can sign up for a free newsletter right here.  Free Biodiesel Newsletter.


Brew Biodiesel at Home


We offer complete and well engineered systems to make excellent quality biodiesel at home. 


FuelMeister II Biodiesel Processor

FuelPod 3 Biodiesel Processor

Amberlite Dry Wash Systems


Petroleum Diesel


While crude oil is limited in supply worldwide, petroleum diesel does give high yields during refining and thus, requires less of the world’s scarce crude oil.  In addition, diesel contains high energy and thus, goes further than more highly refined fuels such as kerosene and gasoline.  Modern diesel engines, furnaces, generators, and water heaters are extremely clean burning and totally unlike their smoke belching predecessors.  In Europe where all fuel is extremely expensive, 50% of all vehicles are diesel powered.  European diesel engines are very efficient and very clean burning.  The United States is just beginning to catch up with European technology. 


Diesel Burning Space Heaters


Doctor Diesel offers a very complete line of diesel and kerosene burning space heaters.  Some are designed to replace wood stoves and require no electricity.  Others are fully automatic, multi-speed, with set back thermostats and vent directly through an outside wall.  These units are extremely efficient (up to 90%) and require almost no maintenance. 


Diesel On-Demand Water Heaters


All the hot water you want, when you want it.  Quiet, efficient, space saving, and easy to install.  What more could you ask for? 


Diesel Accessories


We have fuel additives for both petroleum diesel and biodiesel. 


More Products Coming


Doctor Diesel is constantly searching for other reliable, efficient, and state-of-the-art diesel fueled products.  If you are a builder or distributor of such products, please contact us. 

“FUEL” is the most important movie of our time. If we change our fuel, we can change the world.

This film by Josh Tickell was 11 years in the making. It has the potential to change our world. It features Richard Branson, Woody Harrelson, Sheryl Crow, Larry David, Willie Nelson, Robert Kennedy Jr., Neil Young, and many more.