Biodiesel B-100 Cold Flow Improver


(for Biodiesel Only)

·          Specifically formulated to improve the cold flow capabilities of B100 Biodiesel

·          Large, cohesive, fatty, solid particles that stop fuel flow are not allowed to form, keeping fuel flowing

·          Reduces or eliminates the need to use diesel fuel or kerosene blending

·          Recommended and safe for diesel vehicles and home heating applications

·          Registered with the EPA for on-road use

·          Economical and highly concentrated, 1:750 mixing ratio

·          Treat your B100 for less than 10 cents per gallon



Case of 12 — 32 oz. bottles  $248    (treats 2,250 gallons)

5 Gallon Pail  $275    (treats 3,750 gallons)

55 Gallon Drum  $2,515    (treats 41,250 gallons)

275 Gallon Tote  $12,812    (treats 206,250 gallons)

330 Gallon Tote  $15,375    (treats 247,500 gallons)

All prices are FOB New Jersey, USA




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Mixing Chart



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