403 Summer Diesel Conditioner+

(for Petroleum Diesel Only)

·          Increases fuel lubricity

·          Raises Cetane up to 3 numbers while combustion improvers increase fuel performance providing for a more complete fuel burn

·          Increases available Horsepower and Torque

·          Stabilizes fuel, preventing sludge formation

·          Cleans tanks, lines, filters, pumps, intake and exhaust valves

·          Lowers maintenance costs and downtime

·          Lowers exhaust emissions and soot output

·          Reduces deposits and carbon build-up

·          Controls water build-up contamination

·          Inhibits corrosion and rust

·          Economical and highly concentrated, 1:1000 mixing ratio


Case of 12 — 8 oz. bottles  $101    (treats 750 gallons)

Case of 12 — 32 oz. bottles  $199    (treats 3,000 gallons)

Case of 4 — 1 gallon bottles  $209    (treats 4,000 gallons)

5 Gallon Pail  $206    (treats 5,000 gallons)

55 Gallon Drum  $1,821   (treats 55,000 gallons)

275 Gallon Tote  $9,277  (treats 275,000 gallons)

330 Gallon Tote  $11,135    (treats 330,000 gallons)

All prices are FOB New Jersey, USA





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