STR-2+ Heating Oil Conditioner

(for Furnaces and Space Heaters Only)

·          Improves fuel combustion and efficiency

·          Stabilizes fuel and prevents sludge

·          Cleans the entire fuel system from tank to burner

·          Reduces filter plugging and clogging

·          Emulsifies and controls water, bacteria, and algae

·          Inhibits tank and fuel system corrosion

·          Prevents ice and gelled fuel

·          Enhances cold climate fuel operability

·          Reduces fuel related equipment downtime, maintenance costs, and service calls

·          Economical and highly concentrated, initial application is 1:2000 mixing ratio; maintenance application is 1:4000


Case of 12 — 8 oz. bottles  $101    (treats 3,000 gallons)

Case of 4 — 1 gallon bottles  $225    (treats 16,000 gallons)

5 Gallon Pail  $230    (treats 20,000 gallons)

55 Gallon Drum  $1,890    (treats 220,000 gallons)

275 Gallon Tote  $9,627   (treats 1,100,000 gallons)

330 Gallon Tote  $11,552    (treats 1,320,000 gallons)

All prices are FOB New Jersey, USA



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